Frequency Shift Keying Demodulator

Frequency Shift Keying Demodulator: In digital data communication, binary data is transmitted by means of a carrier frequency. It uses two different carrier frequencies for logic 1 and logic 0 states of binary data signal. This type of data transmission is called frequency shift keying (FSK). In- this data transmission, on the receiving end, two carrier […]

Monolithic Phase Locked Loops IC 565

Monolithic Phase Locked Loops IC 565: Monolithic Phase Locked Loops IC 565 are introduced by signetics as SE/NE 560 series and by National semiconductor as LM 560 series. The SE/NE 560 series includes SE/NE 560, 561, 562, 564, 565 and 567. These ICs are differ mainly in operating frequency range, power supply requirements, and frequency […]

Important Definitions Related to PLL

Important Definitions Related to PLL: Some important definitions related to PLL are as follows : Lock Range: When PLL is in lock, it can track frequency changes in the incoming signal. The range of frequencies over which the PLL can maintain lock with the incoming signal is called the lock range or tracking range of […]