Traction Drives

Diesel Electric Traction System

Diesel Electric Traction System: Because of high initial cost, electric traction is justified only where there is sufficient volume of traffic. Diesel Electric Traction System is preferable where the traffic is limited. Boundary between these two alternatives depends on several factors such as initial cost, running cost, amount of traffic, maintenance etc. Diesel Electric Traction […]

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PWM VSI Induction Motor Drive

PWM VSI Induction Motor Drive: PWM VSI Induction Motor Drive for traction is shown in Fig. 10.21. A pulsewidth modulated voltage source inverter converts dc into variable frequency and variable voltage ac, which is then fed to induction motors. Each motor coach of a suburban train may employ a single inverter feeding several squirrel-cage motors

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Polyphase AC Motors for Traction Drives

Polyphase AC Motors for Traction Drives: Polyphase AC Motors for Traction Drives – Advantages of ac motors over dc we already know. Because of negligible maintenance, ruggedness and higher power per unit weight or volume, the squirrel-cage induction motor is ideally suitable for traction applications. Because of higher efficiency, and simpler and cheaper inverter, compared

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DC Traction

DC Traction using Semiconductor Chopper Controlled DC Motors: Chopper control has replaced resistance control in all dc traction schemes, such as 1500 V dc main line and suburban traction, 750 V dc underground traction and electric buses. The chopper control has following additional advantages over the resistance control: Regenerative braking can be carried out almost

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Traction Motors

Traction Motors: Motors Employed in Traction : Earlier, dc series motor was widely used in Traction Motors. It has high starting torque and capability for high torque overloads. With an increase in torque, the flux also increases; therefore, for the same increase in torque, the increase in motor current is less compared to other motors.

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