Pulse Signals

What is Optoelectronic Devices?

What is Optoelectronic Devices? Optoelectronics is the technology that combines optics and electronics and the devices based on this technology are known as optoelectronic devices. These devices include emitters, sensors and optocouplers or optoisolators. These devices may be categorized as follows: Devices that detect optical signals through electronic processes, such as photodetectors. Devices that convert …

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Pulse Characteristics and Terminology

Pulse Characteristics and Terminology: For describing the output of pulse generators and the applications in which they are used, the introduction of terminology associated with the pulses is very important. The first group of such terms denotes the pulse characteristics of ideal rectangular pulses whereas the second group provides measures of the deviation from the …

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Classification of Pulse Signals

Classification of Pulse Signals: The Classification of Pulse Signals are divided into four categories, namely Periodic signals. Aperiodic signals. Random signals. Continuous and Discrete Signals 1. Periodic Signals: Periodic signals are those which repeat themselves at regular intervals of time say ‘T’. This time ‘T’ is referred to as the time period. Sinusoidal signals, time-base …

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