Measurement of Power

Analog Electronics Process Controllers

Analog Electronics Process Controllers: An Analog Electronics Process Controllers must be capable of providing one or more of the three main methods of control, namely, Proportional, Integral and Derivative. The circuits described in this section use high gain OPAMP’S with specially designed feedback circuits. They operate with their phase inverting input as a virtual earth …

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Measurement of Power Transmission Lines

Measurement of Power Transmission Lines: When power is applied to Measurement of Power Transmission Lines, the source to load impedance must be matched in its characteristics impedance (Z0). The impedance all along the line is equal to the characteristic impedance. Therefore, the transmission line is said to be correctly terminated. Hence no reflection or standing …

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Bolometer: Bolometric measurements are based on the dissipation of RF power in a small temperature sensitive resistive element, called a Bolometer. This bolometer may be a short ultra thin wire having a positive temperature coefficient (PTC) of resistance, called Baretter, or a bead of semi-conductor having a negative temperature coefficient (NTC) called Thermistor. Both Baretters …

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