Bandpass Analysis

Bandpass Analysis: There exist many practical situations in which multiple filtering and band pass analysis are required. In multiple filtering, one specific operation (for example low pass, high pass, band pass, etc.) is required to be performed on many signal channels presented as input data, e.g. in multiplex systems. In band pass analysis, many Bandpass …

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IIR Filter Design

IIR Filter Design 1-D: In this section some practical considerations relating to the methods for the design of IIR Filter Design filters are presented. In particular, the bilinear transform is considered along with its application to the digitization of rational transfer func­tions of classical analog filters defined on the s-plane or in the framework of …

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FIR 1-D Digital Filter Design (The Window Method)

FIR 1-D Digital Filter Design (The Window Method): We describe the Fourier series technique as the first design method of 1-D FIR digital filters [Eq. (15.83)]. In this Digital Filter Design Window Method, given a frequency function H(ejω) with period 2π, an FIR Digital Filter Design Window Method with a transfer function corresponding to H(ejω) can be …

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