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CT Scan Basic Principle

CT Scan Basic Principle: CT Scan Basic Principle – Biomedicine is one area in which the use of digital signal processing techniques had had great impact. Computer tomography A recent advance in diagnostic analysis is represented by computer tomography (CT) scanning. While in standard radiography (X-rays) a 3-dimensional object (part of the body) is represented […]

Bandpass Analysis

Bandpass Analysis: There exist many practical situations in which multiple filtering and band pass analysis are required. In multiple filtering, one specific operation (for example low pass, high pass, band pass, etc.) is required to be performed on many signal channels presented as input data, e.g. in multiplex systems. In band pass analysis, many Bandpass […]

Typical Digital Filtering Operations

Typical Digital Filtering Operations: Digital filters in fact can be applied in many different parts of a signal and image processing transmission system. Two typical examples of systems in which Typical Digital Filtering Operations can be inserted are Local digital processing systems (Fig. 15.42), and Digital communication system (Fig. 15.43) In the first system of […]

Microprocessor Based Digital filter

Microprocessor Based Digital filter: Microprocessor Based Digital filter – The implementation of any digital filtering consists of a series of multiplications of samples of the input and/or output signals by constants, and of the additions of these products. Thus the main building blocks which have to be present in digital filtering hardware are the following: […]

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