Magnetic Circuit Analysis

Magnetic Circuit Analysis: Magnetic Circuit Analysis – The presence of charges in space or in a medium creates an electric field, similarly the flow of current in a conductor sets up a magnetic field. Electric field is represented by electric flux lines, magnetic flux lines are used to describe the magnetic field. The path of […]

Doubled Tuned Coupled Circuits

Doubled Tuned Coupled Circuits: Figure 10.24 shows a Doubled Tuned Coupled Circuits involving two series resonant circuits. For the circuit shown in the figure, a special case where the primary and secondary resonate at the same frequency ωr, is considered here, i.e. The two mesh equations for the circuit are From which or where A […]

Single Tuned Circuit

Single Tuned Circuit: Consider the Single Tuned Circuit in Fig. 10.21. A tank circuit (i.e. a parallel resonant circuit) on the secondary side is inductively coupled to coil (1) which is excited by a source, υi. Let Rs be the source resistance and R1,R2 be the resistances of coils, 1 and 2, respectively. Also let L1,L2 […]

Parallel Connection of Coupled Coils

Parallel Connection of Coupled Coils: Parallel Connection of Coupled Coils – Consider two inductors with self inductances L1 and L2 connected parallel which are mutually coupled with mutual inductance M as shown in Fig. 10.20. Let us consider Fig. 10.20(a) where the self induced emf n each coil assists the mutually induced emf as shown […]