Switching Surges in Transmission Line

Switching Surges in Transmission Line: Till the time when the transmission voltages were about 220 kV and below, over-voltages due to lightning were of very high order and overvoltages generated inside the system were not of much consequence. In later years, with increase in transmission voltages (400 kV and above), the overvoltages generated inside the […]

Rectangular Travelling Wave

Rectangular Travelling Wave: Reflection and transmission of a Rectangular Travelling Wave at junction points of unequal impedances in a transmission line are of great importance in transmission systems. Depending on the type of impedance at transition points, the Rectangular Travelling Wave is modified, and sometimes a voltage rise or build-up of voltage can occur. The […]

Distortion of Travelling Waves

Attenuation and  Distortion of Travelling Waves: As a Travelling Waves moves along a line, it suffers both attenuation and distortion. The decrease in the magnitude of the wave as it propagates along the line is called attenuation. The elongation or change of wave shape that occurs is called distortion. Sometimes, the steepness of the wave […]

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