Digital Fourier Analyzer

Digital Fourier Analyzer: The basic principle of a Digital Fourier Analyzer is shown in Fig. 9.14. The Digital Fourier Analyzer converts the analogue waveform over time period T into N samples. The discrete spectral response Sx(kΔf);k=1,2,…,N which is equivalent to simultaneously obtaining the output from N filters having a bandwidth given by Δf=1/T, is obtained by […]

Spectrum Analyzer Block Diagram

Spectrum Analyzer Block Diagram: Spectrum Analyzer Block Diagram – The most common way of observing signals is to display them on an oscilloscope, with time as the X-axis (i.e. amplitude of the signal versus time). This is the time domain. It is also useful to display signals in the frequency domain. The instrument providing this […]

Harmonic Distortion Analyzer

Harmonic Distortion Analyzer: A Harmonic Distortion Analyzer measures the total harmonic power present in the test wave rather than the distortion caused by each component. The simplest method is to suppress the fundamental frequency by means of a high pass filter whose cut off frequency is a little above the fundamental frequency. This high pass […]

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