Bipolar Junction Transistors

Common Collector Characteristics of BJT

Common Collector Characteristics of BJT: In the Common Collector Characteristics of BJT circuit arrangement of Fig. 4-31, the collector terminal is common to both input CB voltage and output CE voltage. Using this circuit, the common-collector input, output, and current gain characteristics can be determined. The output and current gain characteristics are shown in Fig. …

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Common Base Transistor Characteristics

Common Base Transistor Characteristics: To investigate the Common Base Transistor Characteristics of a diode (a two-terminal device), several levels of forward or reverse bias voltage are applied and the resulting current levels are measured. The characteristics of the device are then derived by plotting the graph of current versus voltage. Because a transistor is a …

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Transistor Voltage and Current

Transistor Voltage and Current: The Transistor Voltage polarities for an npn transistor are shown in Fig. 4-10(a). As well as conventional current direction, the direction of the arrowhead indicates the transistor bias polarities. For an npn transistor, the base is biased positive with respect to the emitter, and the arrowhead points from the (positive) base …

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