Rotating Machines

Electric Motor Characteristics

Rating and Loss Dissipation Rating

Electric Motor Characteristics: The machine and the load are the two components of an electro-mechanical energy-conversion system, and the Electric Motor Characteristics, generally, play a predominant part in the operating behavior of the complete system. In choosing an electric motor its speed-torque characteristic is needed to be known to a fair degree of accuracy and …

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DC Motor Losses and Efficiency

Losses and Efficiency

DC Motor Losses and Efficiency: The Losses and Efficiency of a transformer have been studied in earlier lesson. As in the case of transformers, it is more accurate to determine the DC Motor Losses and Efficiency rather than by the direct load test in which the input and output are required to be measured. Furthermore, …

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Principle of Induction Motor

Induction Machine

Principle of Induction Motor | Torque Slip Characteristic: Principle of Induction Motor has not been introduced so far. Consider a cylindrical rotor machine with both the stator and rotor wound for three phases and identical number of poles as shown in Fig. 5.40. Assume initially the rotor winding to be open-circuited and let the stator …

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Rotating Magnetic Field

Rotating Magnetic Field

Rotating Magnetic Field: Rotating Magnetic Field – It was seen earlier that the sinusoidal current in any phase of an ac winding produces a pulsating mmf wave in space whose amplitude varies sinusoidally with time. The expression for the fundamental component of this mmf is given in Eq.(5.36). The harmonics of the mmf wave are …

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MMF of AC Distributed Winding

MMF of Distributed AC Windings

MMF of AC Distributed Winding: It has been seen earlier that the armature what-when-how.comof a practical machine has distributed winding wound for the same number of poles as the field winding. As the armature carries current, the resultant field of its current-carrying coils has the same number of poles as the field winding. Our approach …

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