Future Development of Electric Company Utilization

Future Development of Electric Company Utilization: As this is being written the whole energy field is so clouded in uncertainties that it would be foolish to attempt any quantitative predictions for the future. However, certain trends are discernible that will control the developments of the Electric Company Utilization in the decades ahead. Present Generation Mix […]

Voltage Structure of Energy Electric System

Voltage Structure of Energy Electric System: An Voltage Structure of Energy Electric System, even the smallest one, constitutes an electric network of vast complexity. The one factor that determines the system structure more than any others is system size. We shall not here enter into a discussion of the reasons of economical, political, historical, and […]

Structure of US Electric Utility Industry

Structure of U.S. Electric Utility Industry As noted from Fig. 1-1 the U.S. electric energy or power industry, more commonly known as the electric utility industry, is made up of four ownership segments, representing more than 3000 separate subsystems, which vary greatly┬áin size. The private sector is the dominant one. The total cost of construction, […]

Electric Power Industry

Electric Power Industry: Electric Power Industry – The basic human need for safe, efficient, and affordable light became the driving force which led to the development of today’s continent-spanning electric energy or power systems. In the mid-nineteenth century gaslight was the predominant but not very safe and practical means of illumination. The inventive genius of […]