Inductance Equation

Inductance Equation: Inductance Equation – A wire of certain length, when twisted into a coil becomes a basic inductor. If current is made to pass through an inductor, an electromagnetic field is formed. A change in the magnitude of the current changes the electromagnetic field. Increase in current expands the fields, and decrease in current […]

Unit of Resistance

Unit of Resistance: Unit of Resistance – When a current flows in a material, the free electrons move through the material and collide with other atoms. These collisions cause the electrons to lose some of their energy. This loss of energy per unit charge is the drop in potential across the material. The amount of […]

Circuit Basics

Circuit Basics: The Circuit Basics consists of three parts: (1) energy source, such as battery or generator, (2) the load or sink, such as lamp or motor, and (3) connecting wires as shown in Fig. 1.2. This arrangement represents a simple Circuit Basics, A battery is connected to a lamp with two wires. The purpose of […]

Power and Energy

Power and Energy: Power and Energy – Power is the rate of change of energy, and is denoted by either P or p. If certain amount of energy is used over a certain length of time, then where dw is the change in energy and dt is the change in time. We can also write […]

What is Current

What is Current: What is Current – There are free electrons available in all semiconductive and conductive materials. These free electrons move at random in all directions within the structure in the absence of external pressure or voltage. If a certain amount of voltage is applied across the material, all the free electrons move in […]

Voltage Definition

Voltage Definition: Voltage Definition – According to the structure of an atom, we know that there are two types of charges: positive and negative. A force of attraction exists between these positive and negative charges. A certain amount of energy (work) is required to overcome the force and move the charges through a specific distance. […]