Circuit Elements


KVL Law (Kirchhoff’s Voltage Law): KVL Law states that the algebraic sum of all branch voltages around any closed path in a circuit is always zero at all instants of time. When the current passes through a resistor, there is a loss of energy and, therefore, a voltage drop. In any element, the current always …

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Capacitance Formula

Capacitance Formula: Capacitance Formula is given by any two conducting surfaces separated by an insulating medium exhibit the property of a capacitor. The conducting surfaces are called electrodes, and the insulating medium is called dielectric. A capacitor stores energy in the form of an electric field that is established by the opposite charges on the …

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Inductance Formula

Inductance Formula | Inductance Symbol: Inductance Formula explains that when a wire of certain length, when twisted into a coil becomes a basic inductor. If current is made to pass through an inductor, an electromagnetic field is formed. A change in the magnitude of the current changes the electromagnetic field. Increase in current expands the …

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