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Alternating Currents and Voltages

Sine Wave Equation

Sine Wave Equation: A Sine Wave Equation is graphically represented as shown in Fig. 4.10(a). The amplitude of a sine wave is represented on vertical axis. The angular measurement (in degrees or radians) is represented on horizontal axis. Amplitude A is the maximum value of the voltage or current on the Y-axis. In general, the …

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Phase of Sine Wave

Phase of Sine Wave: Phase of Sine Wave – A sine wave can be measured along the X-axis on a time base which is frequency-dependent. A sine wave can also be expressed in terms of an angular measurement. This angular measurement is expressed in degrees or radians. A radian is defined as the angular distance …

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The Sine Wave

The Sine Wave: Many a time, alternating voltages and currents are represented by a sinusoidal wave, or simply a sinusoid. It is a very common type of alternating, current (ac) and alternating voltage. The sinusoidal wave is generally referred to as a sine wave. Basically an alternating voltage (current) waveform is defined as the voltage …

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