Surface Tension

Surface Tension: Surface Tension - Due to molecular attraction, liquids have properties of cohesion and adhesion. Cohesion is due to the force of attraction between molecules of same liquid. Otherwise,…

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Fluid Properties Articles

Fluid Properties Articles: Classification of Fluids : Classification of Fluids are as follows. Ideal fluids and Real or Practical fluids. Newtonian fluids and Non-Newtonian fluids. 1 .Ideal Fluids: Ideal fluids are…

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Conduction and Breakdown in Commercial Liquids

Conduction and Breakdown in Commercial Liquids: As already mentioned, Conduction and Breakdown in Commercial Liquids are not chemically pure and have impurities like gas bubbles, suspended particles, etc. These impurities…

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Fluid Mechanics Articles

Fluid Mechanics Articles: Capillarity Classification of Fluids Fundamental Units Definition Properties of Fluids Surface Tension Viscosity

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Define Capillarity

Define Capillarity: Define Capillarity is a phenomenon of rise or fall of liquid surface relative to the adjacent general level of liquid. This phenomenon is due to the combined effect…

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Optoelectronics Articles

Optoelectronics Articles: What is Photoelectric Effect? When monochromatic light is incident on a clean surface of a material, then under certain conditions, electrons, also called photoelectrons, are emitted from the…

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