Important Questions of Protection of Busbars and Lines:

1. What is the importance of bus-bar protection ?

2. Describe the following systems of bus-bar protection :

(i) Differential protection

(ii) Fault-bus protection

3. What are the requirements of protection of lines ?

4. Discuss the time-graded overcurrent protection for

(i) Radial feeders

(ii) Parallel feeders

(iii) Ring main system

5. Describe the differential pilot wire method of protection of feeders.

6. Explain the Translay protection scheme for feeders.

7. Describe distance protection scheme for the protection of feeders.

8. Write short-notes on the following :

(i) Fault-bus protection

(ii) Merz-Price voltage balance system for protection of feeders

(iii) Translay scheme

9. What methods can be used to prevent saturation of current transformers ?

10. What factors govern choosing pilot-wire installation ?

11. Why must directional relays be used on wring main system ?

12. How do time-delay overcurrent relays work on a radial system ?

13. Do overhead systems need differential protection schemes than underground systems ?

14. How are pilot-wire relays built for transmission-line protection ?

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