Features of 8096 Microcontroller:

Here, we are going to see 16-bit microcontroller MCS 8096. It is designed for high speed/high performance control applications. The Features of 8096 Microcontroller are namely,

1.The 8096 is a 16-bit microcontroller.

2.The 8096 is designed to use in applications which require high speed calculations and fast I/O operations.

3.The high speed I/O section of an 8096 includes a 16 bit timer, a 16 bit counter, a 4 input programmable edge detector; 4 software timers, and a 6-output programmable event generator.

4.The 8096 has 8 multiplexed input analog to digital converter with 10 bit It can fully run under interrupt control.

5.Its programmable pulse width modulation (PWM) output signals can be used as control signals to drive a motor, and for any other application.

6.Its serial port has several modes of operation with programmable baud rates.

7.It supports register to register architecture which increases processing speed in the features of 8096 Microcontroller .

8.It has 100 instructions, which can operate on bit, byte, word, double words.

9.It consists of a complete set of 16-bit arithmetic instructions including multiply and divide operations.

10.Logical and arithmetic instructions are available for both byte and word operations.

11.The bit operations are possible and these can be performed on any bit in the register file or in the special function register.