Applications of Drives

Stepper Motor Classification

Stepper Motor Classification: The Stepper Motor Classification based on the construction and principle of operation. These are Variable reluctance motors Permanent magnet motors Hybrid stepping motors Claw pole motors with permanent magnets The stepper motors are used for linear motors also. These are also classified as ‘variable reluctance motors’ and ‘permanent magnet motors’. Variable Reluctance […]

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Features of Stepper Motor

Features of Stepper Motor: The Features of Stepper Motor are small step angle high positioning accuracy high torque to inertia ratio stepping rate and accuracy Small Step Angle: The angle by which the rotor of a stepper motor moves when one pulse is applied to the (input) stator is called step angle. This is expressed

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Stepper Motor Applications

Stepper Motor Applications: The microprocessors are employed for the control of stepper motors which are generally used as position actuators. Some other Stepper Motor Applications are to drive floppy discs, numerical control of machine tools, X-Y plotters etc. The ease with which these can be controlled using microprocessor has made them very popular in the

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Turbocompressors: The turbocompressors and blowers in the industry require drives rated up to 40 MW. Drives of large rating are also required in steel industry blast furnace blowers in natural gas pipelines and liquefaction processes in wind tunnels chemical process industry. In the upper power range a converter fed synchronous motor is a suitable drive

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Wound Rotor Induction Motor with Subsynchronous Converter Cascade

Wound Rotor Induction Motor with Subsynchronous Converter Cascade in the Rotor Circuit: The following points favour the application of a slip ring motor having static slip energy recovery scheme in the Subsynchronous Converter Cascade circuit, to drive a centrifugal pump (Fig. 7.10). 1.The delivery rate control of the pump is accomplished by speed control of the

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Centrifugal Pump Load

Centrifugal Pump Load: Centrifugal Pump Load are used as boiler feed pumps and for pumping water in water pipe lines. The former must be adapted to the variable output of the steam generator. In the latter, varying water requirements of an area decide the delivery rate. The delivery rate of a pump is regulated by

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Coal Mining Process Diagram

Coal Mining Process Diagram: The motors used for Coal Mining Process Diagram must be flame proof. They operate at high ambient temperatures. Sometimes the environment may be humid and the motors should have humid proof insulation. The motor must satisfy very stringent specifications. The motors used in Coal Mining Process Diagram can be classified into

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Paper Mill Process

Paper Mill Process: The raw materials for Paper Mill Process undergo two processes before the paper is available: The pulp is made from the raw materials. This pulp is converted to paper in paper making machines. The drives required for making pulp are different from those required for Paper Mill Process. The conversion of raw

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Machine Tools Motors Requirements

Machine Tools Motors Requirements: The Machine Tools Motors Requirements are: The motors must be reliable and low cost, requiring less maintenance. They must be capable of speed control. Some applications may require operation at fixed speeds. Sometimes stepless and smooth speed control is required for better machining timings and surface finish. Starting torque may vary

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