8086 Interrupts List:

8086 Interrupts List diagram is shown below

8086 Interrupts List

8086 Interrupt Priority:

As far as the 8086 Interrupt Priority are concerned, software interrupts (All interrupts except single step, NMI and INTR interrupts) have the highest priority, followed by NMI followed by INTR. Single step has the least priority. The interrupt flag is automatically cleared as part of the response of an 8086 to an interrupt. This prevents a signal on the INTR input from interrupting a higher priority interrupt service routine. The 8086 allows NMI input to interrupt higher priority interrupt, for example suppose that a rising edge signal arrives at the NMI input while the 8086 is executing a DIV …

8086 Interrupt Types:

The 8086 Interrupt Types are Dedicated Interrupts: Type 0 : Divide by Zero Interrupt When the quotient from either a DIV or IDIV instruction is too large to fit in the result register; 8086 Interrupts List Types will automatically execute type 0 interrupt. Type 1 : Single Step Interrupt The type 1 interrupt is the single step trap. In the single step mode, system will execute one instruction and wait for further direction from user. Then user can examine the contents of registers and memory locations and if they are correct, user can tell the system to execute the next instruction. This feature is …

8086 Interrupts:

An 8086 Interrupts List can come from any one the three sources : External signal Special Instruction in the program Condition produced by instruction External Signal (Hardware Interrupt): An 8086 can get interrupt from an external signal applied to the nonmaskable interrupt (NMI) input pin; or the interrupt (INTR) input pin. Special Instruction: 8086 supports a special instruction, INT to execute special program. At the end of the interrupt service routine, execution is usually returned to the interrupted program. Condition Produced by Instruction: An 8086 is interrupted by some condition produced in the 8086 by the execution of an instruction. For example divide by zero : Program execution will …

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