8085 Programming Model in Microprocessor:

8085 Programming Model in Microprocessor diagram is shown below

8085 Programming Model in Microprocessor

8085 Instruction Classification:

The programming model assists you in the programming process. The programming model shows only those parts of the microprocessor which the programmer can change. So we can say that block diagram makes it easier to understand the architecture of a microprocessor and the programming model makes it easier to understand working of microprocessor in a programming environment of 8085 Instruction Classification Fig. 2.1 gives the 8085 programming model. The 8085 Instruction Classification can be categorized into five different groups based on the nature of function of the instructions. Data transfer operations Arithmetic operations. Logical operations Branch operations and Stack, Input/Output and Machine control operations 1.Data Transfer Operations: The …

Addressing Modes of 8085:

Part of the programming flexibility for each microprocessor is the number and different kind of ways the programmer can refer to data stored in the memory. The different ways that a microprocessor can access data are referred to as addressing modes. The 5 Addressing Modes of 8085 are : Immediate Register Direct Indirect Implied 1.Immediate addressing mode : In an immediate addressing mode, 8 or 16 bit data can be specified as a part of instruction. In 8085, the instructions having ā€˜Iā€™ letter fall under this category. ā€˜Iā€™ indicates immediate addressing mode. 2.Register Addressing Mode : The register addressing mode specifies the source operand, …

Instruction and Data Format of 8085:

Each Instruction and Data Format of 8085 microprocessor has specific information fields. These information fields of instructions are called elements of instruction. These are : Operation code : The operation code field in the instruction specifies the operation to be performed. The operation is specified by binary code, hence the name operation code or simply opcode. For example, for 8085 processor operation code for ADD B instruction is 80H. Source / destination operand : The source/destination operand field directly specifies the source/destination operand for the instruction. In 8085, the instruction MOV A,B has B register contents as …

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