Transmission Line Overvoltage Protection

Transmission Line Overvoltage Protection: Transmission Line Overvoltage Protection against natural or lightning overvoltages and minimizing the lightning overvoltages are done by suitable line designs, providing guard and ground wires, and using surge diverters. Switching surges and power frequency overvoltages are accounted for by providing greater insulation levels and with proper insulation co-ordination. Protection against Lightning […]

Control of Switching Overvoltage

Control of Switching Overvoltage: The Control of Switching Overvoltage and power frequency may be controlled by energization of transmission lines in one or more steps by inserting resistances and withdrawing them afterwards, Phase controlled closing of circuit breakers, Drainage trapped charges before reclosing, Use of shunt reactors, and Limiting switching surges by suitable surge diverters. […]

Rectangular Travelling Wave

Rectangular Travelling Wave: Reflection and transmission of a Rectangular Travelling Wave at junction points of unequal impedances in a transmission line are of great importance in transmission systems. Depending on the type of impedance at transition points, the Rectangular Travelling Wave is modified, and sometimes a voltage rise or build-up of voltage can occur. The […]