Important Questions of Symmetrical Fault

Important Questions of Symmetrical Fault:

1. What do you understand by a short-circuit ? Discuss the possible causes of short-circuit in the power

2. Explain the harmful effects of short-circuit fault on the power system.

3. What is the importance of short-circuit calculations ?

4. Discuss the possible faults on overhead lines.

5. What do you understand by percentage reactance ? Why do we prefer to express the reactances of various elements in percentage values for short-circuit calculations ?

6. What is the importance of base kVA in short-circuit calculations ?

7. Why do we use reactors in the power system ? Discuss their advantages.

8. Explain the various methods of connecting short-circuit current limiting reactors in the power system.

9. Why do we choose a base kVA in short-circuit calculations ?

10. What is the advantage of expressing reactances in percentage values ?

11. Why do we decide the rating of a circuit breaker on the basis of symmetrical short-circuit currents ?

12. Will the value of short-circuit current change if we take different base kVAs’ ? Explain your answer.

13. Can feeder reactors permit the use of circuit breakers of lower ratings ?

Updated: May 1, 2020 — 10:50 am