Voltage Control

Booster Transformer

Booster Transformer: Sometimes it is desired to control the voltage of a transmission line at a point far away from the main transformer. This can be conveniently achieved by the use of a Booster Transformer as shown in Fig. 15.7. The secondary of the booster transformer is connected in series with the line whose voltage …

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Tap Changing Transformers

Tap Changing Transformers: The excitation control method is satisfactory only for relatively short lines. However, it is not suitable for long lines as the voltage at the alternator terminals will have to be varied too much in order that the voltage at the far end of the line may be constant. Under such situations, the …

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Brown Boveri Regulator

Brown Boveri Regulator: In this type of Brown Boveri Regulator, exciter field rheostat is varied continuously or in small steps instead of being first completely cut in and then completely cut out as in Tirril regulator. For this purpose, a regulating resistance is connected in series with the field circuit of the exciter. Fluctuations in …

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Tirril Voltage Regulator

Tirril Voltage Regulator: In this type of Tirril Voltage Regulator, a fixed resistance is cut in and cut out of the exciter field circuit of the alternator. This is achieved by rapidly opening and closing a shunt circuit across the exciter rheostat. For this reason, it is also known as vibrating type voltage regulator. Construction. …

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Voltage Control Method in Power System

Voltage Control Method in Power System: In a modern power system, electrical energy from the generating station is delivered to the ultimate consumers through a network of transmission and distribution. For satisfactory operation of motors, lamps and other loads, it is desirable that consumers are supplied with substantially constant voltage. Too wide variations of Voltage …

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