Protection of Busbars and Lines

Distance Protection

Distance Protection: Both time-graded and pilot-wire system are not suitable for the protection of very long high voltage transmission lines. The former gives an unduly long time delay in fault clearance at the generating station end when there are more than four or five sections and the pilot-wire system becomes too expensive owing to the […]

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Time Graded Overcurrent Protection

Time Graded Overcurrent Protection: In this scheme of Time Graded Overcurrent Protection, time discrimination is incorporated. In other words, the time setting of relays is so graded that in the event of fault, the smallest possible part of the system is isolated. We shall discuss a few important cases. 1. Radial feeder: The main characteristic

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Busbar Protection

Busbar Protection: Busbars and lines are important elements of electric power system and require the immediate attention of protection engineers for safeguards against the possible faults occurring on them. The methods used for the protection of generators and transformers can also be employed, with slight modifications, for the busbars and lines. The modifications are necessary

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