DAC0830 Digital to Analog Converter

DAC0830 Digital to Analog Converter: The DAC0830 Digital to Analog Converter is an advanced CMOS 8-bit DAC designed to interface directly with the 8080, 8048, 8085, Z80, and other popular microprocessors. A deposited silicon-chromium R-2R resistor ladder network divides. the reference current and provides the circuit with excellent temperature tracking characteristics (0.05% of Full Scale […]

Operating Modes of 8279

Operating Modes of 8279: The Operating Modes of 8279 provides 3 basic input modes : Scanned keyboard Scanned sensor matrix Strobed input Scanned Keyboard: In this mode, keyboard can be scaned in two ways : Encoded scan and decoded scan. Encoded scan : In the encoded scan, scan lines (SL2-SL0) are decoded externally to provide […]

Block Diagram of 8279

Block Diagram of 8279: Fig. 14.84 shows the block diagram of 8279. It consists of four main sections CPU interface and control section Scan section Keyboard section Display section 1.CPU Interface and Control Section: This section consists of data buffers, I/O control, control and timing registers, and timing and control logic. Data Buffers The data […]

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