Applications of Insulating Materials

Applications in High Voltage Bushings

Applications in High Voltage Bushings: At rated voltages higher than 52 kV, the condenser or capacitance graded bushing principle is generally used. The insulating material for such a Applications in High Voltage Bushings is paper which is treated. There are three types of such paper, viz. resin bonded paper (RBP), oil impregnated paper (OIP) and …

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Applications of Cables in Engineering Works

Applications of Cables in Engineering Works: In the recent years natural rubber has been completely replaced by synthetic rubbers and plastics as cable insulation. The physical properties required for wire and cable insulation depend on the type of Applications of Cables in Engineering Works. It should have good elongation and tensile strength and toughness, so …

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Applications in Circuit Breaker

Applications in Circuit Breaker: Applications in Circuit Breaker : A circuit breaker is a switch which automatically interrupts the circuit when a critical current or voltage rating is exceeded. A.c. currents are considerably easier to interrupt than d.c. currents. A.c. current interruption generally requires first to substitute an arc for part of the metallic circuit …

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Applications of Rotating Machines

Applications of Rotating Machines: Applications of Rotating Machines are normally divided into two categories: those with voltage ratings less than 6,600 V are called low voltage machines, and the others are high voltage machines. Because of the difficulty of insulating high voltages, machines above 22 kV rating are not built except under special conditions. Classes …

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Applications of Power Transformers

Applications of Power Transformers: Transformers are the first to encounter lightning and other high voltage surges. The transformer insulation has to withstand very high impulse voltages many times the power frequency operating voltages. The Applications of Power Transformers insulation is broadly divided into Conductor or turn-to-turn insulation, Coil-to-coil insulation, Low voltage coil-to-earth insulation, High voltage …

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