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Frequency Domain Analysis

Specification from Bode Plot

Specification from Bode Plot: The important Specification from Bode Plot are, Gain cross-over frequency (ωgc) Phase cross-over frequency (ωpc) Gain margin (G.M.) Phase margin (P.M.) Gain Cross-over Frequency (ωgc): The frequency at which the magnitude of system function is unity i.e. 0 dB is called gain cross over frequency. So frequency at which the resultant …

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Frequency Domain Analysis

Frequency Domain Analysis: Frequency Domain Analysis – As we now already, the responses of the networks to the various time dependent inputs such as step, ramp, exponential etc. are studied. Let us now discuss the response by the network to a purely sinusoidal frequency dependent input. Consider a system with network function H(s). The input …

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