Dynamical Equations of Electromechanical Systems

Dynamical Equations of Electromechanical Systems: Dynamical Equations of Electromechanical Systems – Figure 4.19 shows an electromagnetic relay whose armature is loaded with spring K, damper B, mass M and a force generator F. Figure 4.20 shows the abstracted diagram of a general electromechanical systems. It is easily noticed that the electromechanical device has one electrical […]

Force System with Permanent Magnets

Force System with Permanent Magnets: Method of finding force system with permanent magnets is best illustrated by an example. Figure 4.17(b) shows a moving armature relay excited by a permanent magnet (PM). The dc magnetizing curve of the permanent magnet is drawn in Fig. 4.17(a) which upon linear extrapolation at the lower B-end can be […]

Multiply Excited Magnetic Field System

Multiply Excited Magnetic Field System: Multiply Excited Magnetic Field System – Singly-excited devices discussed earlier, are generally employed for motion through a limited distance or rotation through a prescribed angle. Electro-mechanical transducers have the special requirement of producing an electrical signal proportional to forces or velocities or producing force proportional to electrical signal (current or […]

Electromechanical Energy Conversion

Electromechanical Energy Conversion: Electromechanical Energy Conversion is a reversible process and Eqs (4.26) to (4.29) govern the production of mechanical force. In Fig. 4.4 if the armature is allowed to move on positive x direction under the influence of Ff, electrical energy is converted to mechanical form via the coupling field. If instead the armature is […]

Field Energy and Mechanical Force

Field Energy and Mechanical Force: Field Energy and Mechanical Force – Consider once again the attracted armature relay excited by an electric source as in Fig. 4.4. The field produces a mechanical force Ff in the direction indicated which drives the mechanical system (which may be composed of passive and active mechanical elements). The mechanical […]