Dynamical Equations of Electromechanical Systems

Dynamical Equations of Electromechanical Systems: Dynamical Equations of Electromechanical Systems – Figure 4.19 shows an electromagnetic relay whose armature is loaded with spring K, damper B, mass M and a force generator F. Figure 4.20 shows the abstracted diagram of a general electromechanical systems. It is easily noticed that the electromechanical device has one electrical […]

Electric Field Energy

Electric Field Energy: Electromechanical energy conversion via the electric field is analogous to the magnetic field case studied earlier. Charge in the Electric Field Energy is analogous to flux linkages and voltage to current in the magnetic field case. Figure 4.18 shows a parallel plate condenser with a fixed and a movable plate. The condenser is […]

Force System with Permanent Magnets

Force System with Permanent Magnets: Method of finding force system with permanent magnets is best illustrated by an example. Figure 4.17(b) shows a moving armature relay excited by a permanent magnet (PM). The dc magnetizing curve of the permanent magnet is drawn in Fig. 4.17(a) which upon linear extrapolation at the lower B-end can be […]

Multiply Excited Magnetic Field System

Multiply Excited Magnetic Field System: Multiply Excited Magnetic Field System – Singly-excited devices discussed earlier, are generally employed for motion through a limited distance or rotation through a prescribed angle. Electro-mechanical transducers have the special requirement of producing an electrical signal proportional to forces or velocities or producing force proportional to electrical signal (current or […]

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