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Digital Integrated Circuits

Synchronous Sequential Circuits

Synchronous Sequential Circuits or Clocked Sequential Circuits: In Synchronous Sequential Circuits or clocked sequential circuits, clocked flip-flops are used as memory elements, which change their individual states in synchronism with the periodic clock signal. Therefore, the change in states of flip-flops and change in state of the entire circuit occurs at the transition of the …

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Performance of CMOS Gates

Performance of CMOS Gates: The Performance of CMOS Gates which based on following different categories namely, Operating Speed : Slower than TTL series. Approximately 25 to 100 ns depending on the subfamily of CMOS Inverter Circuit. It also depends on the power supply voltage. Voltage Levels and Noise Margins : The voltage levels for CMOS …

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CMOS NOR Gate Circuit

CMOS NOR Gate Circuit: Fig. 3.4 shows 2-input CMOS NOR Gate Circuit. Here, P-channel MOSFETs Q1 and Q2 are connected in series and N-channel MOSFETs Q3 and Q4 are connected in parallel. Like NAND circuit, this circuit can be analyzed by realizing that a LOW at any input turns ON its corresponding P-channel MOSFET and turns OFF …

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Half Subtractor and Full Subtractor Circuit

Half Subtractor and Full Subtractor Circuit: Subtractor are divided into two categories namely, half subtractor and full subtractor circuit. Half Subtractor Circuit: The Half Subtractor Circuit consists of four possible elementary operations, namely, In all operations, each subtrahend bit is subtracted from the minuend bit. In case of second operation the minuend bit is smaller …

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