Magnetic Circuit Calculations

Magnetic Circuit Calculations: Normally magnetic circuit calculations involve two types of problems. In the first type of problem it is required to determine the excitation (mmf) needed to establish a desired flux or flux density at a given point in a magnetic circuit. This is the normal case in designing electromechanical devices and is a […]

BH Curve Relationship

BH Curve Relationship of Magnetization Characteristic: In free space (also nonmagnetic materials), the permeability μ0 is constant so that BH Curve Relationship is linear. This, however, is not the case with ferromagnetic materials used in electric machines, wherein the BH Curve Relationship is strictly nonlinear in two respects saturation and hysteresis. Hysteresis non-linearity is the double […]

Magnetic Field Equation

Magnetic Field Equation: The exact description of the Magnetic Field Equation Basics is given by the Maxwell’s equations and the constitutive relationship of the medium in which the field is established. Such description apart from being highly complex is otherwise not necessary for use in electric machines wherein the fields (magnetic and electric) are slowly […]

Integrated Circuits Classification

Integrated Circuits Classification: Depending upon the functional utility, the Integrated Circuits Classification are classified as linear ICs and digital ICs. From the point of view of structural considerations, ICs can be divided as monolithic ICs, thick-thin film ICs and hybrid ICs. The monolithic ICs are most common type of IC. In the monolithic ICs, all […]

Integrated Circuits Introduction

Integrated Circuits Introduction: Integrated Circuits Introduction referred as microelectronics, is the result of continued improvements in the characteristics and miniaturizations employed in solid state devices and components. So we can call integrated electronics as logical extension of silicon device technology. Today integrated electronics is used to realize complete circuits over a single semiconductor chip of […]

Electric Energy Generation

Environmental Aspects Of Electric Energy Generation: Electric Energy Generation – Conversion of one form of energy or another to electrical form has unwanted side effects and the pollutants generated in the process have to be disposed off. Pollutants know no geographical boundary, as result the pollution issue has become a nightmarish problem and strong national […]