Important Questions of Generating Stations :

1. What is a power generating station ?

2. What is a steam power station ? Discuss its advantages and disadvantages.

3. Draw the schematic diagram of a modern steam power station and explain its operation.

4. Explain the important components of a steam power station.

5. What factors are taken into account while selecting the site for a steam power station ?

6. Discuss the merits and demerits of a hydro-electric plant.

7. Draw a neat schematic diagram of a hydro-electric plant and explain the functions of various components.

8. Explain the essential factors which influence the choice of site for a hydro-electric plant.

9. Explain the functions of the following :

(i) dam (ii) spillways (iii) surge tank (iv) headworks (v) draft tube.

10. Draw the flow diagram of a diesel power station and discuss its operation and Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a diesel power station.

11. Draw the schematic diagram of a nuclear power station and discuss its operation.

12. Explain with a neat sketch the various parts of a nuclear reactor.

13. Discuss the factors for the choice of site for a nuclear power plant.

14. Explain the working of a gas turbine power plant with a schematic diagram.

15. Give the comparison of steam power plant, hydro-electric power plant, diesel power plant and nuclear power plant on the basis of operating cost, initial cost, efficiency, maintenance cost.and availability of source of power.

16. Why is the overall efficiency of a steam power station very low ?

17. Why is a condenser used in a steam power station ?

18. Why hydro-electric stations have high transmission and distribution costs 7

19. Why are nuclear power stations becoming very popular ?

20. Why hot gas at high pressure and not hot gas at atmospheric pressure is used in gas turbine power plants?

21. How do the various devices protect the penstock ?

22. Why cannot diesel power stations be employed to generate bulk power ?

23. Why is regenerator used in gas turbine power plant ?