Important Questions of DC Distribution:

1. Describe briefly the different types of d.c. distributors.

2. What are die advantages of a doubly fed distributor over singly fed distributor ?

3.Derive an expression for the voltage drop for a uniformly loaded distributor fed at one end.

4. What the purpose of inter-connector in a d.c. ring main distributor ?

5. Explain 3-wire d.c. system of distribution of electrical power.

6. What are the advantages of 3-wire distribution over 2-wire distribution ?

7. Show with a neat diagram how unbalanced loads in a 3-wire d.c. system cause unequal voltages on the two sides of the neutral.

8. Explain the use of rotary, balancer in a 3-wire d.c. distribution system.

9. What is a booster ? With a neat diagram, explain how it can be used on a feeder.

10. Write short notes on the following

(i) Ring main distributor

(ii) Current distribution in a 3-wire d.c. system

(iii) Balancers

11. What is the importance of minimum potential on the distributor ?

12. Why is 3-wire d.c. distribution preferred to 2-wire d.c. distribution ?

13. Which points of d.c. ring main should be connected through interconnector ?

14. Can we use compound generator as a booster ?

15. Why do we use a balancer set ?

16. Can exact balance of voltages to obtained with a balancer set?