Energy, Economic and Environmental issues of Power Plants

Nuclear Waste Disposal and Safety

Nuclear Waste Disposal and Safety: Introduction – Nuclear Waste Disposal and Safety from nuclear power plants activities, defense related nuclear weapon activities or other applications of nuclear technology is hazardous to many life forms and the environment. It poses a problem of handling and protecting the environment to be safe to the present and future generations. …

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Automatic Combustion Control System

Automatic Combustion Control System: Automatic Combustion Control System is very popular nowadays and this has been developed mainly to maintain load against demand, to prevent smoke, to increase boiler house efficiencies, to carry out routine adjustments and to provide interlocking safeguards. If we want to change the rate of combustion, then the draught, air supply …

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Economics in Plant Selection

Economics in Plant Selection: Economics in Plant Selection – The plant capacity and size depends upon the power demand. A power plant should be reliable i.e. its capacity must be more than the predicted maximum demand. It is desirable that the number of generating units should be two or more than two in order to …

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