Bandwidth Usage

Bandwidth Usage: It is reasonable to expect that the frequency range (i.e., bandwidth) required for a given transmission should depend on the Bandwidth Usage occupied by the modulation signals themselves. A high-fidelity audio signal requires a range of 50 to 15,000 Hz, but a bandwidth of 300 to 3400 Hz is adequate for a telephone […]

Need of Modulation

Need of Modulation: Need of Modulation – Until the process of superimposing a low-frequency (long-wave) voice information component on a high-frequency (short-wave) carrier signal was perfected, the most widely used form of communications was a system based on the transmission of a continuous-wave (CW) signal. With this system, the signal was interrupted periodically (Morse code) […]

Communications Systems

Communications Systems: In a broad sense, the term Communications Systems refers to the sending, receiving and processĀ­ing of information by electronic means. Communications started with wire telegraphy in the eighteen forties, developing with telephony some decades later and radio at the beginning of this century. Radio communication, made possible by the invention of the triode […]

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