Important Questions of Supply Systems:

1. What is electric power supply system ? Draw a single line diagram of a typical a.c power supply scheme.

2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of d.c. transmission over a.c. transmission ?

3. Discuss the advantages of high transmission voltage.

4. Compare the volume of conductor material required for a d.c. 3-wire system and 3-phase, 3-wire system on the basis of equal maximum potential difference between one conductor and earth. Make suitable assumptions.

5. Compare the volume of conductor materiel required in d.c. single phase and three-phase a.c. system.

6. State and prove Kelvin’s law for size of conductor for transmission. Discuss its limitations,

7. How will you determine the economic transmission voltage ?

8. What is the need of primary distribution in an electric supply scheme ?

9. The present trend is towards a.c for generation and distribution and d.c. for transmission. Discuss the reasons for it.

10. In an overhead system, the basis of comparison is the maximum voltage between conductor and Why?

11. Kelvin’s law does not give the exact economical size of conductor. Give reasons.