Applications of Tropospheric Scatter Links

Applications of Tropospheric Scatter Links: Applications of Tropospheric Scatter Links also known asĀ troposcatterĀ is rather similar to a microwave link terminal, and indeed a typical block diagram is sufficiently like Figure 15-5 that a separate block is not shown. The main differences lie in the very much higher output powers and lower receiver noise figures in […]

Microwave Link in Electronic Communication

Microwave Link in Electronic Communication: A Microwave Link in Electronic Communication performs the same functions as a copper or optic fiber cable, but in a different manner, by using point-to-point microwave transmission between repeaters. Many links operate in the 4- and 6-GHz region, but some links operate at frequencies as low as 2 GHz and […]

Multiplexing in Electronic Communication

Multiplexing in Electronic Communication: Multiplexing in Electronic Communication is the sending of a number of separate signals together, over the same cable or bearer, simultaneously and without interference. There are generally two classifications. Time Division Multiplex, or TDM, is a method of separating, in the time domain, pulses belonging to different transmissions. Use is made […]

Network Protocols in Digital Communication

Network Protocols in Digital Communication: “Intelligent” (microprocessor-controlled) switching systems have become the hubs of intelligent networks. Terminal devices and line connection equipment have also been given microprocessor “brains,” and thus the introduction of intelligent devices into the data communications field has brought a sophistication to the interconnection possibilities. With terminals capable of establishing circuit connections […]

Switching Systems in Digital Communication

Switching Systems in Digital Communication: If only two sites are to be connected, switching is not required. The two facilities are interconnected on a point-to-point basis. However, switching is likely to be required where three or more sites need to be interconnected. The various types of Switching Systems in Digital Communication described earlier can all […]

Centralized Switched Telephone Network

Centralized Switched Telephone Network: Centralized Switched Telephone Network – As data systems have increased in number and complexity, it has become increasingly important to provide for their proper and orderly interconnection. Small, simple systems could dedicate individual lines for each piece of equipment which was connected in the system. For intraplant connections, this was a […]

Error Detection and Correction Codes

Error Detection and Correction Codes: Error Detection and Correction Codes – Errors enter the data stream during transmission and are caused by noise and transmission system impairments. Because errors compromise the data and in some cases render it useless, procedures have been developed to detect and correct transmission errors. The processes involved with error correction […]