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Electrical Machines

An electrical machine may be a device that converts energy into voltage or the other way around. Electrical machines conjointly embody transformers, that don’t truly create conversion between mechanical and electrical kind however they convert AC current from one voltage level to a different voltage level.

GENERATOR:A generator is Associate in Nursing electrical machine that converts mechanical sort of energy into electrical type. Generator works on the principle that whenever a conductor moves in an exceedingly magnetic flux, Associate in Nursing electromotive force gets induced within the conductor. This principle is termed as generator action.

MOTOR:A motor is an electrical machine that converts voltage into energy. once a current carrying conductor is placed in an exceedingly field of force, the conductor experiences a mechanical force and this is often the principle behind driving action.

TRANSFORMERS:Transformers don’t really build conversion between mechanical and electrical type, however they transfer electrical power from one circuit to a different circuit. they’ll decrease or increase the voltage whereas transferring the ability while not ever-changing the frequency, however with the corresponding increase or decrease within the current.

Modern Power System

Modern wattage systems have 3 separate parts – generation, transmission and distribution. wattage is generated at the ability generating stations by synchronous alternators that area unit typically driven either by steam or hydro turbines. Most of the ability generation takes place at generating stations which will contain over one such alternator-turbine combination. relying upon the sort of fuel used, the generating stations area unit categorised as thermal, hydro, nuclear etc. several of those generating stations area unit remotely placed. therefore the electrical power generated at any such station should be transmitted over an extended distance to load centers that area unit typically cities or cities. this can be known as the ability transmission. in reality power transmission towers and transmission lines area unit quite common sights in rural areas.

Electronic Instrumentation

Instrumentation engineering may be a specialised branch of electrical and electronic engineering and it deals with measure, management and automation of processes.Apart from covering core subjects like industrial instrumentation and method management, bio-medical instrumentation and AI, the scholars subsume computer code and hardware topics like microchip and small controller based mostly instrumentation, VLSI and embedded system styles, laptop design and organisation and laptop management of processes.

Integrated Circuits

An microcircuit (IC), generally referred to as a chip or chip, could be a semiconductor wafer on that thousands or several small resistors, capacitors, and transistors square measure fictional. associate degree IC will perform as associate degree electronic equipment, oscillator, timer, counter, hardware, or chip.


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