Digital Electronics Basics

Digital Electronics Basics: Digital devices are based on Digital Electronics Basics circuits which can represent two states, ON or OFF. The ability to design integrated circuits consisting of thousands of transistors on wafer-thin; postage-stamp-sized chips has made Digital Electronics Basics both feasible and extraordinarily powerful. The chants are used to store, evaluate, manipulate and modify […]

Telemetry in Electronic Communications

Telemetry in Electronic Communications: Telemetry in Electronic Communications consists of performing measurements on distant objects. Although hydraulic or wire circuits may be used for this purpose, this section will deal with radiotelemetry only, particularly as this form is now prevalent. The alternatives to radiotelemetry are either having observers on the spot or having some form […]

Telegraphy in Electronic Communications

Telegraphy in Electronic Communications: Telegraphy in Electronic Communications that employs typewriter like machines operating at a maximum speed of about 60 words per minute (wpm) to send written messages from one point to another. In telegraphy, a user lodges a written message for transmission at a telegraph or post office. The message is subsequently transmitted […]

Types of Optoelectronic Devices

Types of Optoelectronic Devices: Although light-emitting diodes and photodiodes are not quantum-mechanical devices in the Types of Optoelectronic Devices, they are semiconductor devices closely associated with lasers. It is most convenient to cover them here. Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs): The construction of an LED is similar to that of a laser diode, as indeed is […]

Schottky Barrier Diode

Schottky Barrier Diode: Schottky junctions have been shown and described throughout this chapter, in conjunction with various devices that use them in their construction in Figure 12-4. Accordingly it will be realized that the Schottky Barrier Diode is an extension of the oldest semiconductor device of them all the point-contact diode. Here the metal-semiconductor interface […]

Pin Diode Construction

Pin Diode Construction: The Pin Diode Construction consists of a narrow layer of p-type semiconductor separated from an equally narrow layer of n-type material by a somewhat thicker region of intrinsic material. The intrinsic layer is a lightly doped n-type semiconductor. The name of the diode is derived from the construction (p-intrinsic-n). Although gallium arsenide […]