Ramp Function

Ramp Function: The ramp function is shown in the Fig. 2.10. Mathematically such a function is expressed as, Thus it is a straight line of slope A. This slope A is called amplitude or magnitude of ramp functions. Unit Ramp Function [r(t)]: The ramp functions with unity slope i.e. having magnitude of one always, is […]

Laplace Transform Properties

Laplace Transform Properties: The Laplace Transform Properties are namely, 1. Linearity: The transform of a finite sum of time functions is the sum of the Laplace transforms of the individual functions. So if F1(s), F2(s),……..Fn(s) are the Laplace transforms of the time functions f1(t), f2(t), ……….., fn(t) respectively then, Explain: Let us find the Laplace transform […]

Definition of Laplace Transform

Definition of Laplace Transform: Here we are going to discuss one of such transform methods called Laplace Transform Method which transforms the time domain differential equations to the frequency domain. To understand the philosophy of transform method, let us see the analogy between transform method and the use of logarithms for arithmetic operations. Consider the […]