Series Connection of Coupled Inductors

Series Connection of Coupled Inductors: Let there be two inductors connected in series, with self inductances L1 and L2 and mutual inductance of M. Two kinds of Series Connection of Coupled Inductors are possible; series aiding as in Fig. 10.19(a), and series opposition as in Fig. 10.19(b). In the case of series aiding connection, the […]

Inductively Coupled Circuits

Inductively Coupled Circuits: Inductively coupled multi-mesh circuits can be analysed using Kirchhoff s laws and by loop current methods. Consider Fig. 10.17, where three coils are inductively coupled. For such a system of inductors we can define a inductance matrix L as where L11, L22 and L33 are self inductances of the coupled circuits, and L12 = […]

Ideal Transformer on Load

Ideal Transformer on Load: Transfer of energy from one circuit to another circuit through mutual induction is widely utilized in power systems. This purpose is served by Ideal Transformer on Load. Most often they transform energy at one voltage (or current) into energy at some other voltage (or current). A transformer is a static piece […]

Coefficient of Coupling

Coefficient of Coupling: The amount of coupling between the inductively coupled coils is expressed in terms of the coefficient of coupling, which is defined as where M = mutual inductance between the coils L1 = self inductance of the first coil, and L2 = self inductance of the second coil Coefficient of coupling is always […]