Important Questions of Switchgear:

1. What do you understand by switchgear ?

2. Discuss the various types of switches.

3. What is the difference between

(i) a switch and circuit breaker

(ii) a fuse and circuit breaker ?

4. Discuss the different types of bus-bar arrangements.

5. Explain the various methods of accommodating high-voltage switchgear.

6. What are the limitations of a fuse ?

7. Why do we use C.T. in the relay circuit ?

8. What is the necessity of bus-bar ?

9. Why do we use isolators on both sides of the circuit breaker ?

10. Why are isolators not opened on load ?

11. Which faults symmetrical or unsymmetrical are more frequent in power system and why ?

12. Suddenly a circuit carries a current 20 times the normal current. Is there possibility of short-circuit or overload ?

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