Important Questions of Neutral Grounding:

1. What do you mean by grounding or earthing? Explain it with an example.

2. Describe ungrounded or isolated neutral system. What are its disadvantages?

3. What do you mean by equipment grounding?

4. Illustrate the need of equipment grounding.

5. What is neutral grounding?

6. What are the advantages of neutral grounding?

7. What is solid grounding? What are its advantages?

8. What are the disadvantages of solid grounding?

9. What is resistance grounding? What are its advantages and disadvantages?

10. Describe Arc suppression coil grounding.

11. What is resonant grounding?

12. Why is ground wire used in equipment grounding?

13. There is 11 kV/230V single phase transformer. One can notice that one of the secondary conductors is Why?

14. The H.V. line of a single phase transformer accidentally falls on L.V. line. There may be massive flash­over in a home or factory. Why?

15. In an overhead system, most of the faults are single line to ground. Why?

16. What are the factors causing arching grounds?

17. What is the importance of arc suppression coil grounding?

18. Where do we use grounding transformer?