IC Fabrication

Integrated Circuit Components

Integrated Circuit Components: The Integrated Circuit Components are namely, Transistors and Diodes: The epitaxial planar diffusion process described already is normally employed for the manufacture of IC transistors and diodes. Collector, base, and emitter regions are diffused into a silicon substrate and surface terminals are provided for connection, as illustrated in Fig. 7-20(a). In discrete transistors […]

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Integrated Circuits Fabrication Process

Integrated Circuits Fabrication Process: IC Types – An Integrated Circuits Fabrication Process consists of several interconnected transistors, resistors, etc., all contained in one small package with external connecting terminals. The circuit may be entirely self-contained, requiring only input and output connections and a supply voltage. Alternatively, a few external components may have to be connected

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Transistor Fabrication Techniques

Transistor Fabrication Techniques: Different Transistor Fabrication Techniques are namely Alloy Transistor Micro Alloy Transistor Microalloy Diffused Transistor Diffuse Mesa Transistor Epitaxial Mesa Transistors Diffused Planar Transistor Annular Transistor 1. Alloy Transistor: For manufacture of alloy Transistor Fabrication Techniques, single-crystal n-type wafers are scribed into many small sections, or dice, each of which forms the substrate

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Processing of Semiconductor Materials

Processing of Semiconductor Materials: Preparation of Silicon and Germanium – Silicon is one of the commonest elements on earth. It occurs as silicon dioxide (SiO2) and as silicates; mixtures of silicon and other materials. Germanium is derived from zinc or copper ores. When converted to bulk metal, silicon and germanium contain large quantities of impurities.

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