Series Magnetic Circuit

Series Magnetic Circuit: A series magnetic circuit is analogous to a series electric circuit. Kirchhoff s laws are applicable to magnetic circuits also. Consider a ring specimen having a magnetic path of l meters, area of cross-section (A)m2 with a mean radius of R meters having a coil of N turns carrying I amperes wound […]

Magnetic Circuit Analysis

Magnetic Circuit Analysis: Magnetic Circuit Analysis – The presence of charges in space or in a medium creates an electric field, similarly the flow of current in a conductor sets up a magnetic field. Electric field is represented by electric flux lines, magnetic flux lines are used to describe the magnetic field. The path of […]

Doubled Tuned Coupled Circuits

Doubled Tuned Coupled Circuits: Figure 10.24 shows a Doubled Tuned Coupled Circuits involving two series resonant circuits. For the circuit shown in the figure, a special case where the primary and secondary resonate at the same frequency ωr, is considered here, i.e. The two mesh equations for the circuit are From which or where A […]

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