8085 Interrupts in Microprocessor Articles:

Polling and InterruptsPolling and Interrupts : In Polling and Interrupts of the microprocessor’s software simply checks each of the I/O devices every so often. During this check, the microprocessor tests to see if any device needs servicing. Fig. 5.1 shows the flow chart for polling subroutine. This is a simple program which services I/O ports A, B, and C. The polling routine checks the status of I/O ports in proper sequence. It first transfers the status of I/O port A into the accumulator. Then the polling routine block checks the contents of accumulator to see if the service request bit is set. If it is, I/O port A service routine is called. After completion of service routine for I/O port A, the polling routine moves  (Read More)

Types of 8085 InterruptsTypes of Interrupts in 8085 : The 8085 has multilevel interrupt system. It supports two Types of Interrupts in 8085: Hardware     Software Hardware : Some pins on the 8085 allow, peripheral device to interrupt the main program for I/O operations. When an interrupt occurs, the 8085 completes the instruction it is currently executing and transfers the program control  (Read More)