Category: Fractional Kilowatt Motors

Single Phase 2 winding Motor

Single Phase 2 winding Motor: To understand the field phe that contributes towards the generation of starting torque in a single-phase motor, it greatly helps to first study a balanced 2-phase motor. Figure 10.10 shows a 2-winding squirrel-cage motor whose stator winding axes are in relative space phase of 90° elect. The Single Phase 2 […]

Single Phase Induction Motors

Single Phase Induction Motors: A Single Phase Induction Motors comprises a single-phase distributed winding on the stator and normal squirrel-cage rotor as shown schematically in Fig. 10.1 wherein for convenience the stator winding is shown in concentrated form. There are two important methods of analyzing this motor, viz. cross-field theory and rotating field theory. As […]