Important Questions of Voltage Control:

1. Discuss the importance of voltage control in the modern power system.

2. What are the various methods of voltage control in a power system ?

3. Describe with the aid of neat sketch the construction and working of a Tirril regulator.

4. Explain the construction and working of Brown-Boveri regulator with a neat sketch.

5. Describe the off-load tap changing transformer method of voltage control. What are the limitations of the method ?

6. Explain with a neat sketch :

(i) On-load tap-changing transformer

(ii) Auto-transformer tap-changing

7. What do you understand by induction regulators ? Describe single phase and three phase induction regulators.

8. Describe the synchronous condenser method of voltage control for a transmission line. Illustrate your answer with a vector diagram.

9. Voltage control equipment is generally located at more than one point. Why ?

10. Tap-changing is generally performed on load. Why ?

11. Why do we use overshooting the mark principle in automatic voltage regulators ?

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