Electrical Drives Introduction

Choice of Electrical Drives

Choice of Electrical Drives: Choice of Electrical Drives depends on a number of factors. Some of the important factors are: Steady state operation requirements: Nature of speed torque characteristics, speed regulation, speed range, efficiency, duty cycle, quadrants of operation, speed fluctuations if any, ratings. Transient operation requirements: Values of acceleration and deceleration, starting, braking and […]

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Types of Electrical Drives

Types of Electrical Drives: Types of Electrical Drives has the following major parts: load, motor, power modulator, control unit and source. There are large number of loads and each load has its own specific requirements. Some common aspects to loads are discussed and specific requirements of some common loads in later chapters. Here we examine

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Electric Drive Motor

Electric Drive Motor: Motion control is required in large number of industrial and domestic applications like transportation systems, rolling mills, paper machines, textile mills, machine tools, fans, pumps, robots, washing machines etc. Systems employed for motion control are called drives and may employ any of the prime movers such as, diesel or petrol. engines, gas

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