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Pulse Communication

Telemetry in Electronic Communications

Telemetry in Electronic Communications: Telemetry in Electronic Communications consists of performing measurements on distant objects. Although hydraulic or wire circuits may be used for this purpose, this section will deal with radiotelemetry only, particularly as this form is now prevalent. The alternatives to radiotelemetry are either having observers on the spot or having some form …

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Telegraphy in Electronic Communications

Telegraphy in Electronic Communications: Telegraphy in Electronic Communications that employs typewriter like machines operating at a maximum speed of about 60 words per minute (wpm) to send written messages from one point to another. In telegraphy, a user lodges a written message for transmission at a telegraph or post office. The message is subsequently transmitted …

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Noise in Information

Noise in Information – Carrying Channel: Noise in Information-carrying capacity of a channel. This idea will now be explored further, as will means of combating noise. Effects of Noise: That Noise in Information has some harmful effect has already been demonstrated. To quantify the effect, consider again the earlier suggestion that each letter in the …

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Measurement of Information in Communication System

Measurement of Information in Communication System: Having said what information is not (it is not meaning), we now state specifically what information is. Accordingly, information is defined as the choice of one message out of a finite set of messages. Meaning is immaterial, in this sense, a table of random numbers may well contain as …

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