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Chopper Fed DC Drives

Chopper Fed DC Drives: The variable voltage to the armature of a dc motor for speed control can be obtained from a dc chopper which is a single stage dc to dc conversion device. The voltage variation at the load terminals can be obtained by using either current limit control or time ratio control. In […]

Chopper Circuit with Input Inductance

Chopper Circuit with Input Inductance: The preceding discussion of the chopper assumes ideal conditions and does not consider the effects of inductances in series with the thyristors. With choppers of large power, the leads connecting the Chopper Circuit to the supply have a definite amount of inductance (Le). Also, reactors are placed in series with […]

DC Chopper

DC Chopper: DC Chopper are mainly dc to dc single stage conversion devices which provide a variable voltage on the load side when fed from a constant dc voltage source. The commutation of the current from the thyristors cannot be achieved by means of supply voltage. The necessary reactive power for the converter must be […]

Electric Converter

Electric Converter: Electric Converter – The speed of a dc motor can be varied by varying the armature voltage or the field current, for which a variable dc supply is required. The speed of an ac motor, on the other hand, can be varied by varying its supply frequency. In order to achieve the rated […]