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PLC Operation

PLC Operation: To understand the PLC Operation, consider the simple process shown in Fig. 21.63 In this process a mixer motor is to be used to automatically stir the liquid in a vat when the temperature and pressure reach a preset values. In addition, direct manual operation is also provided by means of a separate […]

PLC Programming Languages

PLC Programming Languages: The term PLC programming languages refers to the method by which the user communicates information to the PLC. The two most common language struc­tures are ladder diagram language and Boolean language. Ladder diagram language is by far the most commonly used PLC Programming Languages.Figure. 21,53, shows a comparsion of the ladder diagram […]

PLC Definition

PLC Definition(Programmable Logic Controller or Program­mable Controller): PLC Definition – Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) or commonly simply called a Program­mable Controller, is a solid state, digital, industrial computer. It is a device that was invented to replace the necessary sequential relay circuits for machine control. The PLC basically operates by looking at its inputs and […]