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PLC Components

PLC Components: A PLC is a solid state device designed to perform logic functions previously accomplished by electro-magnetic relays. Basically, the PLC Components is an assembly of solid state digital logic decisions which provides outputs. PLCs are used for the control and operation of manufacturing, process equipment and machinery. A typical PLC can be divided […]

PLC Programming Languages

PLC Programming Languages: The term PLC programming languages refers to the method by which the user communicates information to the PLC. The two most common language strucĀ­tures are ladder diagram language and Boolean language. Ladder diagram language is by far the most commonly used PLC Programming Languages.Figure. 21,53, shows a comparsion of the ladder diagram […]

PLC System Operation

PLC System Operation: A PLC System Operation works by continually scanning a program. This scan cycle can be considered as made up of three important states as shown in Fig. 21.23. In addition there are also more than three states and these are used for checking the system and updating the internal counter and timer […]

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