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Properties of Fluids

Properties of Fluids: The following properties of fluids are of general importance to the study of fluid mechanics. 1. Mass density (ρ): Mass density or Density is defined as the mass per unit volume i.e., mass of the fluid contained in Imivolume. It is denoted by a Greek symbol ρ (rho). Its unit is kg/m3. […]

Classification of Fluids

Classification of Fluids: Classification of Fluids are as follows. Ideal fluids and Real or Practical fluids. Newtonian fluids and Non-Newtonian fluids. (1) Ideal Fluids: Ideal fluids are having following properties. It is incompressible. It has zero viscosity. Shear force is zero when the fluid is in motion i.e. No resistance is offered to the motion of […]

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